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localcarsearch provides a tried and tested service, which explains how to best advertise your car 'for sale' on the Internet... Also provides useful selling tips...

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localcarsearch enables you to advertise using the localcarsearch.co.uk - 4 step process - which ensures your advertisement includes all the important features that can make your car more attractive to buyers than other vehicles.

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Avoid disappointment... Price your car to sell - Be realistic with the asking price and remember... Used Cars will only sell for the true market worth..!

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Sell privately: In making the decision to sell your car privately, you are already a long way to realising your best possible price. Selling privately will most probably achieve a price in excess of 15% more than a possible trade in' price.

Car Photograph - Digital Image: A Digital Image (Photograph) attached to your advertisement will say so much more than just words. You should attach a suitable image of your car, which you can action when entering your advertisement details. If you are unable to attach a digital image, we can assist; email imageservice@localcarsearch.co.uk for further details. You can advertise initally in text only and add the image at a later date.  

Create your advertisement: A very enjoyable and simple process with easy to understand instructions are provided to ensure you create the best possible advertisement for your car.


On completion, your advertisement is published over the Internet instantly.

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Remember, first impressions are very important!

Prepare your car as if you were the buyer

Ensure all areas of maintenance (Service History) are fully recorded - If not, it will affect your final sale price

Maintenance includes: 

  • The Spare tyre & wheel should be clean, inflated and legal! (Tread Depth 1.6mm min)
  • Windscreen Washer System should be full and operational, with a combination of water and a suitable cleaning fluid
  • The tool kit supplied with the car, should still be with the car. If not, at the very least, the means of changing a wheel must be provided. Remember; you just might get a puncture on a test drive with a potential buyer!

Generate confidence in your potential buyers so that they want to buy your car as opposed to anyone else's

COMMON SENSE - What would you expect if you were buying?

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A potential buyer will call at any time, so arrange your time around this and be prepared to accommodate their needs.

Have more than one contact telephone number and be available as much as possible during the day and into the evening. A fax number is also useful as well as your Email Address.

You must be prepared to meet the potential buyers needs if they are to seriously consider buying your car over any other.
The Customer is always right:

> All vehicle documents must be present and correct and available for inspection

> If there are documents missing or incorrect, we suggest you do not advertise your car until you have rectified the situation.
> Remember, provide your potential Buyer with confidence! 

Encourage your buyer to be satisfied that the documentation is correct and remember, your buyer will most certainly obtain a vehicle history check before buying, click here for further information. Consider spending a few pounds by having a suitable vehicle history report available as part of your documentation pack. This will most certainly generate a confidence in your potential buyers!

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It is unlikely a prospective buyer will buy your car before having a test drive. As part of your selling presentation, you should offer and encourage an accompanied test drive.

We do not recommend unaccompanied Test Drive!

Plan your test route and avoid any unforeseen situations: (Road works, busy roads, excessively bumpy roads or bad surfaces). 

Drive the car to a predetermined point, switch off the ignition and remove the keys. Offer the drivers seat to your potential buyer and once the change over is complete, give the keys to your potential buyer to continue the test drive.

Why? The majority of private buyers are good, everyday folk just looking for what they consider to be a good buy. Unfortunately, there are those in the minority who may have a different agenda. It's common sense to be better safe than sorry!

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Be prepared to haggle with your potential buyers, they will seek to pay less than your asking price!

Establish just what your lowest price is, be rock steady and do not let your lowest price be a stepping-stone to an even lower one.

Avoid the temptation to go lower than you really want to, but be realistic in the price you seek as you do wish to achieve a sale. Equally, you will almost certainly have more than one potential buyer!

Establish that the buyer has the asking price readily available to make the purchase now - If so, take a holding deposit in cash!

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You have responsibilities when selling your car:
Finance relating directly to the vehicle, HP or other loan must be repaid in full before a sale is completed. This does not apply to Personal Loans.

A fully refundable deposit, ideally 10% of the Selling Price, should be obtained in cash! Any other form of deposit payment is not ideal and should be avoided

Satisfy yourself that the cash is legal tender. If in doubt, check it by banking it before completing the sale

A Bank Transfer (Telegraphic) is acceptable

DO NOT accept a cheque unless it is a bona fide Bankers Draft and only after you have checked it with the issuing bank.

Obtain contact details of all your potential buyers. If one lets you down at the last minute, you then have others to follow up.

Provide a receipt as a record between parties of your joint sale/purchase agreement.

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You must complete all relevant documentation required by law before you handover documents to the new owner. Pay particular attention to the appropriate sections of the registration document.

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localcarsearch provides information for your guidance only. The information provided is purely an overview relating to every aspect of selling a vehicle privately. The responsibility is clearly and completely with the consumer to fully satisfy all their requirements.

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After 1982:

1983: Y & A 1984: A & B 1985: B & C 1986: C & D 1987: D & E 1988: E & F
1989: F & G 1990: G & H 1991: H & J 1992: J & K 1993: K & L 1994: L & M
1995: M & N 1996: N & P 1997: P & R 1998: R & S 1999: S + T & V 2000: V + W & X
2001: X + Y & 51 2002: 02 + 52 2003: 03 + 53 2004: 04 + 54 2005: 05 + 55 2006: 06 + 56
2007: 07 + 57 2008: 08 + 58 2009: 09 + 59 2010: 10 + 60 2011: 11 + 61 2012: 12 + 62  : 2013: 13 + 63

The twice-yearly change of registration letter was introduced in 1998 after the 'S' plate was issued. Registration letter changes since then apply in March and September of each year.

A vehicle with the registration prefix "Q" is for a vehicle where identity and age are uncertain and also applies to special vehicles of limited or unique production.

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Current Road Fund License (Excise Duty) Rates

Cars registered after the 1st of March 2001 are affected by Co2 Emission charges 

Co2 Emmission charges are designed to assist in the reduction of Exhaust Carbon Dioxide Emissions by encouraging Buyers to choose vehicles with smaller/cleaner and more efficient engines.

Establish now what you will need to consider by following the Co2 website link:  

Useful links: www.vca.gov.uk and www.dvla.gov.uk for detailed information. 

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Value Added Tax (VAT):

NEW cars are subject to 20% Value Added Tax (VAT) which is included in the price paid

This chain of tax collection is:

  • Manufacturers charge a net price for each Car + Value Added Tax (VAT) to their dealer networks.
  • In turn, the selling dealer sells the car to the customer at an agreed price, which includes 20% Value Added Tax (VAT)
  • On completion of the sale the dealer immediately pays (via the manufacturer) Customs and Excise the 20% charged in the the selling price.
  • The true value of the car sold is the price paid less a calculation equal to 20% (VAT)

We explain this process as it can create dissatisfaction in the situation where the buyer seeks to re-sell quickly... A true 'purchase valuation' will be calculated less (at least) the 20% VAT calculation, which represents a considerable devaluation (loss) to the customer versus the price paid! 

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Value Added Tax is charged on behalf of Government, cars attracting (VAT) at 20%... VAT forms a percentage of the purchase price and is charged in relation to the Manfacurers NEW selling price only. 

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